Harrison’s First Fitted

A little awhile ago I experimented with making Trinity some fitted diapers. I made two and liked both of them. Since I’m still a pretty novice sewer; hence, the elastic on the one leg of the Coors diaper came loose so it doesn’t cinch. I also don’t like the way the Coors diaper fits because the wings are way too long (unless I add some Velcro to make them fold-over wings… Hm… I may have to do that…). Because of this, I wasn’t really sure I wanted to tackle making any for Harrison. Well, yesterday I caved. It pretty much took all day to do it so I’m not sure I’ll be making more but we’ll see. Here’s how I did it (sorry for the photo quality; I took them with my iPhone in not bright light):

I started by cutting all the pieces from old t-shirts. I used 3 pieces for the body and 3 for the inner soaker. (Typically, I would use at least 4-6 layers for the inner soaker but the t-shirt I was using was very thick.) After straight stitching the soaker pieces together, I attached it to the innermost layer using a wide zig-zag stitch. (yes, I’m aware my stitches aren’t even–my machine is temperamental and enjoys skipping stitches and generally just not cooperating.)

 Inner layer

Next, I pinned all 3 layers together:

Pinned layers

After pinning, I stitched around the diaper leaving a 4″ opening on the front flap for turning. Then I tacked down the elastic.


Next comes turning the diaper inside right and pining around for stitching, including pinning the turning hole closed, fully stretching the elastic, and pushing it to the edge of the diaper when pinning (this creates the casing so you shouldn’t accidentally stitch into the elastic). I did an 1/8″ seam around the diaper and 5/8″ seam around the elastic.


It was at this point that I poked myself about 20 times since I was using very small pins! I typically use larger ones but wanted to be able to sew right over these without having to remove them first, especially around the elastic.

Now, sew around using a medium to long straight stitch (I used the longest which on my machine is 9 stitches per inch). Be very careful when going around the elastic that you don’t catch it. If you do, rip back and start again. The elastic needs to move freely in order to work properly!

At this point you can be finished if you’re not planning to use any closures other than Snappi’s, pins, etc. I, however, prefer snaps so I added those.



And now for the finished product:


I’m incredibly happy with the way this turned out!

Since this one took so long to complete, I think I’ll mostly make prefolds for his newborn stage. I may make more of these when he’s a little bigger. I picked up a serger today and will be starting his prefolds this week. Right now, I’m attempting to figure out exactly how to make the prefold and what size. I definitely want the “better fit” option since I’m worried the traditional ones won’t fit in his covers. As of now, I’ve decided on an 11″ x 11″ square as the better fit option. Once I make one, I’ll see how it fits on Little Love’s doll and tweak from there.

That’s it for today so until next time, much love and many blessings!



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