Harrison’s Diaper Covers (Part 2)

After making Harrison’s first diaper cover, I decided to only make 3 covers to start with. Since the pattern I’m using only goes up to 12 pounds, I want to see how they fit him before I make more. Here’s the other 2 finished covers:

ImageImageImageI made two changes with these covers. The first was the starting point of the FOE. Instead of starting on the back wing, I started on the right front wing, went all the way around to the left front wing, and tacked down the ends. I used a separate piece of FOE for the top part of the wing. The second change I made was adding a gather on the left front wing. I very much love my Thirsties Duo Snap Wrap covers for Love Bug and one of my favorite features of those is the gathering along the front top wing.

I’m a little over halfway finished Love Bug’s leg warmers. I got the first one completed this past weekend and am about halfway finished the second. I found that using my Denise Interchangeable needles with the Magic Loop method was really difficult for this and kept snagging my yarn. They’re, unfortunately, just not the ideal needle for that. I got a chance to hang with my bestie this past weekend so she let me borrow her ChiaGoo interchangeable needle and this second leg warmer is just zipping along!


I hope to have it finished this weekend so I can start on the new KAL shrug  by Vickie Howell featured in the newest Knit Simple magazine. Although the KAL doesn’t officially start until April 18th, I’m going to start it early since I have other things I need to work on between now and when Harrison’s born. The pattern features crochet and knitting in one so I’m excited about that. I’m thinking this will be a good shrug for me to use while in the hospital with Harrison. I would prefer to knit a shawl to take with me, especially for nursing, but I just don’t think I can realistically knit a shawl in the little amount of time I have left.

Love Bug’s up so until next time, much love and many blessings!



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