WIP’s, FROG’s, and Magazine Reviews

Life’s been pretty crazy and hectic around my house as of late. Since Trinity’s been born, my life seems to revolve around eating, sleeping, changing diapers, and a few stolen moments of knitting. Speaking of… A few weeks ago, KnitPicks offered a free skein of Brava Worsted (not sure if it’s still available). I definitely took them up on the offer since I’m always looking for new yarns to work with. Since I only have one skein, I searched Ravelry high and low for a pattern that would use the skein and not have much left over or a need to purchase an additional skein. I found a smaller purse that was created for a Harry Potter challenge: Nagini’s Playground (NOTE: you have to have a Ravelry account in order to view the pattern). I absolutely love the cabling in this purse! It’s turning out great so far. The yarn is incredibly soft and a fantastic color. I can’t wait until it’s finished. Here’s my Peapod Nagini‘s progress so far (it’s about 75% finished):


 My next WIP is the Purple Heritage Lace Scarf. I started this last year at the beach. I purchased a beautiful purple colored skein of sock yarn. I originally started this project for myself but have since decided that I’m going to give it as a Christmas gift this year. I know (well hope) the recipient will love it! It’s actually a pretty quick knit. I ended up having to rip out a good 3 inches due to a dropped stitch that I couldn’t fix. Lesson learned: whenever doing ANY project with lace, place a life-line somewhere! Here’s what it look like so far:

Unblocked detail

The other project I was working on was Shari’s Kindle Cozy. Well, I’ve since frogged it. I realized while knitting mine that my project didn’t look like the picture. Somehow, the chart work wasn’t matching up quite right. The only thing I can think of is that the chart is read differently than a normal chart. I followed, checked, and triple checked myself to make sure I was doing it right. IDK… Anyway, I noticed that the same thing was happening when knitting hers. It still looks pretty which is why I didn’t rip mine out. I ended up frogging hers though because A. her daughter lost her Kindle and B. I didn’t really like the way the pattern was turning out with the yarn. If she deices to get another Kindle, I’ll use a different pattern to knit her one.

In my last post, I was incredibly excited about working on Trinity’s baby layette sweater. I had gotten the back and left front completed. This is another project I’ll be frogging, unfortunately. Trinity is growing like a weed and is already in 6-9 month clothing and the pattern only goes to 6 months. I guess my only other option is to figure out how to make it bigger? If anyone has any ideas, let me know please because I really, really love this pattern!

Since my last update, I’ve received a couple of my magazine subscriptions including Interweave Knits Summer and Creative Knitting Summer. Honestly, I wasn’t uuber crazy about this issue of Interweave Knits. There are definitely a couple of patterns that I added to my Ravelry cue, like the Tiered Bangles , Summer Blooms Shawl, Pianissimo Mitts (although I would add half-fingers to these), Coquette Vest (I don’t really like it as a top but think it would be pretty as a stockinette cardigan with this detail on the hem and cuffs or as a shawl), and the Sand Dune Cardigan.

I just recently started subscribing to Creative Knitting and half to say I’m LOVING this magazine! The articles are great and the patterns are ones I actually want to knit. The July issue left nothing to be desired! My favorites are: Haute Hexagons, Zephyr Beret, Double-Checkboard Pillow (definitely a different color scheme), Dreams of Lace, Ravishing in Red (although I really like this tank, I would do something different with the shoulder straps), Hint of Cables Top (very classy!), Sunny Day Dress (for Trin and/or Kris), and Easy Lace Raglan Jacket & Hat (for Trin). My only criticism of this issue is the layout. I don’t like that the pattern instructions are continued in the back of the catalog instead of being together with the pattern itself. I find it annoying to flip back and forth between the picture and instructions, especially for more complicated patterns. But that’s just my personal preference.

Well that’s what I’ve got for tonight. It’s knittin’ time!



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