New Endeavers

Ever since I learned to knit I have wanted to sell my handmade items. I’ve hesitated doing so because I’ve always felt I don’t have enough time-specifically if the business takes off, I won’t be able to meet the demand. The more I think about it, the more I really think I’m going to give this a try. I especially love quick projects (who doesn’t right?). Making Trinity’s booties and hat this past month were not only fun but very quick (even with the cables). So I’m going to start with baby items like hats, booties, and blankies, and then move onto other items like scarves. The main place I’m planning to sell is Etsy. I love that Etsy allows you to sell items for 4 months at a time and every listing is the same price, no matter how much you sell it for.

If you’ve been following me, you know that I started this year with knitting goals. My plan is to update with my progress at the end of each month. As of the end of February, here’s my progress:

I have 3 of 15 projects completed (Trinity’s booties, hat, and crib organizer). I currently have 3 projects on my needles.

I’ve created of 1 of 5 patterns (the crib organizer).

I haven’t started any Christmas gifts yet but hopefully will get on that this month.

Wow… now that I’m looking at this, I’m pretty much at the same place I was at the end of January. Well, February’s been pretty crazy with Trinity’s birth so hopefully I’ll get back on track this month.

I started knitting a new cover for my Kindle using the TOFUtsies sock yarn I purchased many moons ago and have yet to find a pattern which showcases it’s beauty. When my bestie came to hang, she showed me the Snake & Ladders Kindle Koozy pattern and I completely fell in love. Ever since I made my other Kindle cover, I haven’t been very happy with the way it fits. It’s really large so it’s hard to grip it when the Kindle is inside and my Kindle moves around a lot inside. I’m mostly concerned with the screen getting scratched from the movement.The pattern calls for a size 1 needle but after doing my swatch (4 times), I found out that I needed a size 4 instead. I started out using DPN’s but soon realized that they were too cumbersome, especially when twisting the stitches for the cables, and knitting the first row was extremely hard. I was also having problems with keeping the stitches between needles tight enough. So I frogged it and re-cast on using a long circular needle and the Magic Loop method. (It actually took me less time to re-cast on and knit to the same part before frogging with the circular needle than it did for me to knit the first row using the DPN’s!) It’s working out beautifully!

I have slowly but surely been working on Trinity’s baby blanket. I’m about 55% of the way completed. I would like to finish it within 2 weeks. She actually has about 4 or 5 knitted/crocheted blankets at the moment so I’m not as worried about getting it completed as I was prior to her being born. My next project for her is headbands. I’ve actually wanted to knit or crochet some for Kristi since that’s mostly what she wears but she doesn’t really like ones that aren’t plastic or plastic-like. So I’m going to try my hand at knitting and/or designing some of my own for Trinity. My plan as of now is make at least 7 (not necessarily design that many) but we’ll see. I can’t wait to see how they turn out! I’m still working on my snowflake tote although that’s taken a back burner to most of the other projects. I would really like to finish this so I can use it. I fell in love with this bag when Lion Brand released the pattern 2 years ago so I just need to get it finished! The only other project I’ll be starting (hopefully this week) is Trinity’s crib skirt. I purchased the material the day I went into labor and haven’t had a chance to start the project since then.

Well that’s my crafting update so until next time, much love and many blessings.



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