Creative Knitting Magazine, March 2012

About 2 years ago I got a trial issue of Creative Knitting and there wasn’t a single pattern in the entire issue that I liked! I was really disappointed and decided not to subscribe. I received a flyer in the mail a few weeks ago to receive another trial issue. I was a little hesitant but thought, “What the heck?” I’m so incredibly glad I did! After doing my initial leaf through, I was in love!! So onto the review…

First highlight: With your paid subscription, you now get 2 years of back digital issues–awesome! I also enjoyed the article about circular needles. I really liked seeing the pictures of the different types of interchangeable sets. I’ve been researching different ones to replace my Denise set and found the pictures very helpful.

I seriously want to knit practically every pattern in this issue! The very first pattern, Sunburst Scarf, has a beautiful stitch pattern. Kristi loved it so much too that she wants one! Kristi and I both really liked the X’s & O’s & I Love You wrist cuffs. The colors are bright and fun. Now I just have to figure out how to get it small enough for Kristi’s wrist! The Colorful Kitchen Set is the next pattern I fell in love with. It’s fresh and very Spring-y. I love the daisy embroidery on the set and plan to make this for our house. Another household pattern I like is the Taste of Americana Hearth Rug. I love the geometric shaping and think this would be perfect in our living room in black, red, and tan. Next up is the Heirloom Table Mat. I love doilies. I find them beautiful but difficult to crochet because I’m not a big fan of steel crochet hooks. So when I saw a way to knit a doily, I fell in love! This will probably be one of the first patterns I try from this magazine. One of my favorite patterns from this issue is the Bombay Nights cardigan. This one is totally up my alley. Some things I really like are the texture, bands, and big buttons. The Fairy Princess Skirt is totally adorable and I can’t wait to cast this on for Trinity! It’s made with a ruffle yarn and featured with a pair of white leggings and just so stinkin’ cute! I’ll have to wait a little while though because the smallest size available is 12 months! I plan to make one in each size for her though. I was really excited to see that this issue included a pattern for a child’s cardigan up to a size 10. The Fields of Spring Cardigan features two different stitch patterns and an adorable picot edging. Kristi saw it and immediately started drooling (okay.. maybe not drooling but she definitely did the “I want! I want!”)!  I’ll probably make this for her for Christmas. Another pattern Kristi and I both really love is the Azteca vest. (Again, I’ll have to figure out how to get this down to Kristi’s size). I really like the lines and silhouette. It’s very feminine yet unique. I think this would look fantastic in either an olive green or light pink or maybe both?? Last but definitely not least is the Beguiling Eyelets cardigan. (I’m a huge fan of cardigans if you haven’t figured that out yet.) I really love the color of this cardigan and actually have a yarn in my stash that matches almost perfectly. I really like the eyelet lines and the knitted-in belt loop. This is definitely one I will knit in the near future but will probably wait to lose my baby weight.

Well, I pretty much named almost every pattern in the issue so great job Creative Knitting! This is one of the best issues of any knitting magazine I’ve subscribed to in the past 4 years. If you haven’t picked one up, I highly recommend doing so! Needless to say, I’ll definitely be subscribing to Creative Knitting! On that note, I have to go work on Trinity’s baby blanket as she’s due to be here in less than a week and I’m not quite half-way finished. Until next review, much love and many blessings!


Disclaimer: All the patterns above are linked to their Ravelry pattern pages. You won’t be able to view the pictures unless you have a Ravelryaccount. If you don’t, it’s free to sign-up (plus, it’s a fantastic resource!). 


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