Goals and FO’s

My knitting goals for this year:

  • Create at least 5 patterns with only 2 of those being dishcloths
  • Knit one gift for every family member for Christmas and/or birthdays this year
  • Have at least 15 completed projects by the end of the year

That doesn’t seem so hard but when I think of some of the things I want to make people, I’m just not sure if there’s going to be enough time to do that. I like challenges though!

My first FO of the year: Trinity’s Baby Booties

Okay so just some notes… I love the pattern. It’s beautiful, elegant, yet fairly simple. Now the pattern calls for a size 8 needle but size 7 for the gauge. That was definitely a little confusing. I tried 7’s and 8’s but neither gave me the proper gauge so I went to 9’s. After knitting the first bootie, I was a little concerned. They seem big to me for a newborn. The pattern sizing says it’s for 0-3 months but I guess we’ll see once she’s born. One thing I’m definitely doing is changing out the ribbon. I didn’t have anything skinny enough that would look right so I’ll update with a new picture when I fix them.

Goal–1 down and 14 more to go! 🙂

That’s all I’ve got for tonight so until next time…much love and blessings!



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