Presents and Newbie’s

In my last post, I raved about the mini mitten ornaments for Kristi’s tree. Andy’s mom Carol has a mini tree that she keeps up year round and changes the ornaments with each season. These ornaments are perfect and since they’re fairly quick to knit, I made a set for her birthday at the end of October. Instead of doing all mittens, I decided to try the cardigan pattern as well. I was really nervous about trying the cardigan pattern because it is done at such a small gauge but it was really easy. They all came out perfectly and are completely adorable! I can’t wait to make myself a set!

Last year I bought yarn to start an adorable Snowflake Tote from Lion Brand. I started it 2 weeks ago and it’s turning out beautifully so far. This is my first experience with stranded color work and carrying the yarn along the back of the row. I’ve read many articles about it so I know you have to be careful not to pull the yarn too tightly. It’s knitting up much quicker than I thought it would. I’m already halfway finished the front panel!

Once my tote is complete, I’ll be starting on my holiday dish cloths. I downloaded 3 free patterns tonight to make a snowflake, Christmas tree, and an ornament. Thankfully those won’t take me long to complete. After those, I’m moving on to something I’ve never tried before… Sewing!

Andy and I have been looking for a crib set for Trinity since we did the baby registry in October. We really want to do frogs in her nursery. I found one set that we both like, but it’s not even remotely girly. I’ve found other animals that are “girly” like monkeys and elephants, but no frogs. Well, I decided that I’m going to tackle this dilemma by making the set myself. I found a really great pattern from Simplicity that includes everything for the nursery except the window valance and it was even on sale! Now, I just have to figure out how to sew and how to read a sewing pattern. It doesn’t look overly complicated and I’m thinking if I read up on it, I should be fine. I seem to pick up crafty-type stuff pretty quickly. Carol is going to help me with this since she’s much more experienced than I am. My goal is to have everything complete by the end of January, in case I deliver early. In the midst of that, I’ll also be working on her crib blanket which is knit. It’s the Lion Brand Heirloom Baby Blanket pattern. I fell in love with this pattern a few years ago when it first came out but haven’t had anyone to make it for. I did start a Steeler’s colored blanket with this pattern for Kristi but am finding that the pattern is getting lost, especially with the black. Either way, I’m excited to start these projects, especially about tackling something new. I have wanted to learn how to sew for so long. Now, I just have to get a sewing machine. 🙂

Until next time, much love and knitting blessings!


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