Knit Simple, Holiday 2011

Anytime I received a new knitting magazine, one of the first instincts I experience is to immediately sit down with a cup of coffee and thumb through the patterns available. This really gives me a sense of whether or not I’m going to like the issue at hand. Well, when I got my issue of Knit Simple Magazine and saw that Vickie Howell was featured on the cover, I knew that instant I was going to love it. Vickie Howell has seriously got to be one of my favorite designers and all-around knitting personalities. I fell in love with her while watching her show Knitty Gritty (which I wish was still on). She’s quirky and upbeat and just plain fun. She recently came out with a new line of yarn, Stitch.Rock.Love in which the first release was Sheep(ish). It was being sold exclusively at Jo-Ann Fabrics but has now expanded to Michael’s. I’ve checked both stores in my area only to find that neither carry it. **sad face** Hm… maybe I’ll have to rally for that one?? Okay, so for the sake of not getting anymore side-tracked, I was thumbing through this issue and completely fell in love with many of the designs. I honestly can’t think of a single issue of Knit Simple that I haven’t loved. I think the fact that fall is here and winter is right around the corner helps me as well. The winter issues are always my favorite because it’s my favorite time of year. Now on to the review:

Knit Simple always features a knits+that section where you can win different prizes and learn about all the great new products out. This issues’ was fantastic! Between being able to win the book Knitivity (a book solely dedicated to telling the Christmas story through knitting a full nativity scene), Addi Heart Stoppers, and a stitch marker/earring combo, it also boasts different newbies like Lexie Burn bag’s new fabric called the Candy Collection. Now on to the patterns: the two that jumped out first were #6, the V-Neck Hoodie and #8/#9 Hat & Scarf combo, both of which I want to knit for my husband. Unfortunately, he wasn’t nearly as fond of them as I was so I guess I’ll have to find another man to bestow them upon. Next up is #11: The Advent Calendar. These look very simple and straight-forward and are just plain adorable. I’ve never tried to apply anything (this calls for felt numbers) after being knitted so that will be a new experience for me. The next two patterns I adore are numbers 13 & 14: Mitten and Sweater ornaments for a mini-trees. Kris and Carol both have mini trees and these would be absolutely perfect for them! I’ve never knitted an ornament so this should definitely be interesting. I’m also thinking these will be instant gratification projects since they’re so small. Next up is number 21: Sparkle Scarf. I love the sequins and lacy feel of this scarf. I love wearing scarves, especially ones that aren’t necessarily made for winter. Moving on to #33/34/35: Girl’s Layette. I love the patterns and since Trinity is due in February, these would be perfect for her. So last but definitely not least ##36/#37: Yarn Fairies. This one seems like it would be the most difficult for me since I’ve never actually tried anigurami, but they’re super cute and would be perfect for Kristi and Trinity. I was thinking of doing it as a “sisters” present for both girls, something they can share.

All in all, this is a fantastic issue and if you don’t subscribe, I would highly recommend picking it up at your LYS! Now moving on to my knitting/crafting (which has been pretty non-existent since May):

I took about a 3 month hiatus from knitting, which was very sad. When we went to the beach last month, I took along the yarn to start our Holly Day’s Throw. This pattern was a freebie offered last year through the Creative Knitting newsletter. I purchased the yarn at an amazing price last year but never had the chance to make it. It’s a very easy lace pattern that has a seed stitch border and is absolutely gorgeous. Since it uses bulky yarn, it’s knititng up quicker than I thought it would. You check out my progress here. I found the blanket to be somewhat cumbersome while on the beach so I started a lace scarf project. I’m using Cascade Heritage sock yarn in a gorgeous, deep purple colorway. It’s turning out even prettier than I imagined. (You can view it here.) So those are the current projects on my needles. Next I’m going to start the mittens and sweater ornaments. And once I’m finished the Christmas throw, I’m going to start Trinity’s blanket. I’ll save that description for next time though. 🙂

For the sake of becoming a book (that’ll teach me not take a 5 month hiatus), I’m officially ending this one. Until next time, much love and many blessings!


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