The Non-Existent Wedding Socks

I had every intention of starting and finishing my wedding socks before the wedding. Well, since starting my new job, I have el-zilcho time to work on them. I started them close to a month ago and am only finished the toe of the first sock. I seriously haven’t even picked up my needles in weeks! Honestly, I’m scared to knit them. Not in a people-are-going-to-look-at-me-like-I’m-crazy scared. I really believe that I’m developing carpal tunnel because when I type for long periods of time or knit a lot, my wrists and part of my forearm get a piercing pain. I think since starting my job I’ve been so worried about that that I just haven’t had the gumption to pick up my needles. Aw…Sad 😥 I’m going to attempt to take 10 minutes a night and work on them. At least if I do that, something will get accomplished–maybe not get finished in time for the wedding, but I’m okay with that.Moving on…

Not much has happened as far as wedding stuff goes. I picked out and purchased my earrings, bracelet, and tiara for the wedding–all gorgeous and even more gorgeously priced! I also got the workings going for my bridesmaid jewelry and can’t wait for them to see it! I’m hoping it’ll be here within a couple of weeks. Other than that, nothing else craft-wise has gotten done. I decided to hold off on making any more favors until I have the final headcount. And in regards to the favors… I found these chocolate mints and was stoked about them–that is until I tried one! Oh man are they awful! I love chocolate. I love mint. I love chocolate and mint together! But not these puppies. I took one lick and gagged. Needless to say, those have to go. I did find wedding buttermints (which I absolutely adore) to substitute them with though.

This isn’t really a “craft” thing but I’m just so excited that I have to share! Andy and I decided that the way we had our living room and dining set-up made the upstairs, open floor plan look incredibly small and closed off. So we switched the rooms. Now, the only problem with that is that the sectional is HUMUNGOUS. There’s no way, no matter how hard we try, that it’ll fit into the space designated for the dining room. So we took that down to the Steeler’s room. That left a void upstairs though, which is my main “living room” area (and the tv where all my shows record). We stopped one day at Unclaimed Freight in York and fell in love with a couch and loveseat set. We have this 24 hours rule with purchases, especially large ones. The couch set was originally $1600 for both pieces but marked down to $650 on clearance. We checked them over and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. They even come with extra throw pillows (score!). They’re super comfy and match completely with our African theme. I seriously felt like it was a sign from God. Since we have the 24 hour rule, we asked about payment options with the representative. She said that we didn’t have to purchase them outright that day, but could put them on hold/layaway for only a $30 deposit. Sweet! So we did that and decided that it was just too good a deal to pass up and ended up purchasing them. They look uh-mazing!!!!!

That’s about all I’ve got today. Until next time, much happiness and many blessings!



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