Weddings & Socks

This weekend was another great one for shopping and finding deals. I scored all the glassware for the table decorations at The Christmas Tree Shoppe down in York (I really, really wish we had one up here). Everything was only $22. Score!! We’ve had about 10 different ideas for centerpieces but finally decided on colored hurricane’s sitting on an octagonal mirror. The hurricane will have a white votive inside with a cream ribbon around the outside. There will be two tea-lights sitting on the mirror with iridescent gems to play off the light. The tea-lights are from PartyLite and will be in the opposite colors of the hurricane, e.g. if the hurricane is pink, the tea-lights will be green and orange. The dessert table will have a colored glass bottles with a single gerbera daisy and stem of willows. The bottles will also sit on the mirror with the gems. It’s going to be fantastically beautiful! Here’s what the glassware looks like:

Centerpiece glassware

Dessert table glassware

My plan this week is to start working on the boutonniere’s. I purchased all the flowers earlier this month and now just have to start putting them together. I just have to say again that I LOVE sales! I am so thankful that God has given me the gift of being able to do these things myself.

I finished my first pair of toe-up socks and they turned out beautifully!! They are so soft and the first pair I’ve ever made that actually fit. I’ve been wearing them all day and still have no complaints. The yarn is an amazingly beautiful colorway and incredibly soft.

The next pair I’m starting will be with Plymouth Yarn’s Happy Feet. This yarn is incredibly soft (even more so than my last pair).

I’m making the I-Heart Toe-Up Socks by Wendy Johnson in her book Socks from the Toe-up. I’m going to wear them with ballet slippers for the wedding 😉

The next two projects I’m starting are my garter and my FBIL’s cross-stitch project. I haven’t decided on a pattern yet for this but I do know that I want to make something lacy and blue. (That’ll take care of the blue part of the tradition.) I found a couple of great patterns on Ravelry, so now I just have to pick one.

I started Matt’s cross-stitch project last night. Oh wow did I not realize how small 18-count Aida cloth is!! I’ve only ever worked with 14-count. Okay, so I know you’re thinking um, it’s not that big of a difference number wise. Um, yeah. It’s like the difference between a peanut M&M and regular M&M. The peanut ones are just so much bigger because of the peanut right? Well, 14-count cloth is bigger than 18-count cloth (I never understood why it is the larger the number the smaller the holes???). I think this will be the first and last project I do on 18-count cloth. Either that, or I’ll have to get magnifying glasses of some sort! So anyway, I got the pattern put together last night (6 pages all 8 1/2″ x 11″). Right now, it’s huge and not very manageable since when starting, we always start from the center and work our way out. This is definitely going to be a challenging piece. The stitches are all straightforward so that’ll be simple but the color work is incredibly detailed. I’ve honestly never tackled a cross-stitch project with this much detail. The pattern is 220 stitches wide by 159 stitch high. That in and of itself isn’t that many but there’s over 70 different colors in this piece! (Click here for the picture.) I’m definitely excited about the challenge though. I’ll periodically update with progress pictures.

Once the wedding is over, I really want to start designing my own sock patterns. I love socks. I have more skeins of sock yarn than anything else. I really believe that’s because when I go into a store I immediately gravitate towards yarn. I’ll look at all the other kinds of yarn but let’s face it, you can’t just pick up a skein or two or three without some semblance of an idea for a project in your head. Sock yarn, however, you can. Plus, I find myself drawn into all the fun and beautiful colorways of sock yarn. If you tried to knit a cardigan or sweater out of the same type of colorways, people would probably look at you like you’re from Mars. Socks are great though because they’re so easily portable. The needles are small as are most of the skeins so it’s an easy project to shove in your purse. Although, I highly recommend not shoving them in your purse, especially if you have bamboo needles–learned my lesson on that one!

I’ve been knitting for about 3 1/2 years and it just amazes me at the progress I’ve made. I’ve always been one to pick up crafty things pretty quickly, but I’m just astounded by the progress with learning new skills. As soon as I learned to knit and made my first 2 scarves, I immediately wanted to learn to knit cables and socks. I seriously remember being terrified about making Andy’s Steelers Scarf because of the cable work. I was thinking that cables looked so cool and just had to be so difficult because let’s face it–if it’s cute, it’s probably difficult to make. But no. After I was shown how to do it, I fell in love. I think cables are probably one of my favorite things to knit because they’re so easy yet add beautiful quality and texture to a knitted project. Okay, that’s enough nostalgia for one day. Let’s move on to reviews…

I got the newest issue of Knit Simple (Spring/Summer 2011) which I was totally stoked for when I pulled it out of the mailbox. I really love this magazine. It definitely ranks in my top 2 because there hasn’t been one single issue that has disappointed me, until now. Page turn after page turn I was thinking Really? Really? Who would wear this stuff?! Most of the magazine is geared towards sailor-ish type wear. All in all there’s about two patterns I would contemplate making but even those are not rushing to be added to my queue. Very, very disappointing.

Well, this is getting pretty lengthy so I’m signing off for now. Until next time, much love and many knitting blessings!



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