Where has all the time gone?

Holy cow! It’s been like a month, well not quite, since updating! If you follow my everyday-life blog, The Waugh Menagerie, you know that it’s been crazy around here for the past month or so. Between planning a wedding, school, both jobs, being a mom, and taking care of my house I just have had el zilcho time to knit. I seriously haven’t picked up my needles in weeks! And that’s totally not good because I was supposed to be finishing a baby blanket for a friend by mid-January. That obviously hasn’t happened. I have gotten about 3/4 of the way finished and it’s looking pretty awesome!

I’m currently working on a new dishcloth pattern called Hugs and Kisses. I got inspired for a way girlie, lovey, Valentine’s-Day-y one, thus Hugs and Kisses. For all intensive purposes, the pattern has been complete for weeks; however, the sample has only been half-way knit. I’m also working on two additional dishcloth patterns that are monogrammed with different letters. They’re basically the exact same as the Monogram Dishcloth I posted earlier this year except the border on each side is two stitches longer and the letters are a little different. When I knit mine, I realized that the letters didn’t stand out as much because they were only single stitch. So I tweaked them a  little with the new ones. Once I hand the patterns over to the requester, I’ll inquire if she’ll allow me to use pictures of her knitted dishcloths and post them at a later time.

Once the baby blanket is finished, I’ll be starting a pair of socks and a cross stitch project for my fbil (future brother in law). I’m also going to start working on wedding decorations, favors, and bridal party gifts so keep your eyes and ears open for pictures and ideas!

On a side note… Valentine’s Day is here and I’m all for the gushy romance! My creative side is blaring like sirens to make my gifts and cards but unfortunately, time just hasn’t been good to my craft addict self. Anyway, I was looking through the Summer 2004 issue of Knitty. I’m still a fairly new knitter (only 3 years) and I am still so surprised at the creativity of designers. If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend checking out that issue of Knitty as well as the newest issue. It is a fabulous resource of free and super cute patterns!

Along the lines of magazines… I got my most recent issue of Interweave Knits (Spring). I was very excited and feel as though I’ve been on a knitting magazine hiatus since it’s been a good month or two since I’ve received one. Well, I opened the issue and started thumbing through the pages and was sorely disappointed. Now I have to say this is definitely unusual. IK always has the freshest, most hip, and stylish knitting patterns and I can honestly say there has only been one other issue in the whole 2 1/2 years I’ve been subscribing in which I’ve been disappointed. So, that’s really saying something. One pattern I’ll definitely be casting on is the Gathered Front Tank by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark. I especially love the color they used in the sample so I’m going to try to recreate that color. For house and home, I really liked the Hourglass Pillows by Daniela Nii. I think these would be great for our living room because of the geometric shaping. I love the pillows we have now but I feel like they lost because they blend so much with the color of the couch. If I’m going to do the Hourglass Pillows, I’ll use light and medium tan color or maybe a light tan and red. I think drawing in red from our walls would really compliment the entire room. Or maybe I could introduce a new color like a green?? I don’t know… That’ll be one to discuss with Andy. 🙂 The last pattern that I liked that I’ll definitely cast on is the Ruched Yoke Tee by Annelena Mattison. It’s a very cute tee and I love the keyhole. It’s very feminine and sexy! I also love that this has a pattern for children as well so Kris and I can have matching ones! Well, that’s about all I have time for today. I have to bust a move to get the written patterns for those dishcloths finished. Until next time, much love and knitting blessings!


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